Are You one of them who wants to make money while you sleep? You can fulfill Your Moneymaking Dreams if you have good writing skills, a passion to learn, and lots of patience. So sit relaxed and get ready for your Affiliate Marketing career.

Before Start this article we have to know about what is affiliate marketing. let’s try to understand the term Affiliate in an easy way by considering a real-life example of a salesman, Agents who make money by selling their products and get a commission on their products without investing money.

So if you want to make money online with your referral at sitting your home Affiliate Marketing is better career opportunities for you.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is like refer and earn process. In other words, we can say that Affiliate marketing is a process by which you can earn a commission for promoting a product or service to someone who buys it.

In Affiliate Marketing, Promoter or adviser of the product is called Affiliate Marketer.

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Affiliate Marketer Play a mediatory role between Product owner (company) and customers. They increase company profits by selling products to the customers with their affiliate programs and earn up to 50-70% commission.

In Affiliate Marketing product owners have ZERO INVOLVEMENT in affiliate sales. They just create an affiliate link for Affiliate Marketer and they bring sales for them with their referral. So its win-win process for an affiliate marketer or product owner.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you can earn a commission on a one-off purchase or earn recurring income by promoting membership or subscription-based programs.

However, successful affiliate marketing has about three parties:

1st : Merchant

The merchant is also referred to as the product owner, seller, brand, vendor, retailer, or creator. They have zero involvement  in affiliates sales. They just create product for their affiliate marketer.

2nd : Affiliate Marketer

Successful of Affiliate Marketing totally depends on Affiliates Marketer. They can generate a few hundreds of dollars per month or tens of millions in commission.

Affiliate Marketer Play marketing roles by promoting one or several affiliate products. Their promotional strategy attracts and convinces potentials buyers of the product’s value so they can end up purchase it.

3rd : Customer

This party makes the entire affiliate system functional. Without their sales in sight, there won’t be revenue to share or commissions to give out.

The affiliate will make efforts to attracts customers using any suitable channel whether it’s a digital billboard, social network, or content marketing on blogs.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

First of all, you should find the product or company you want to promote.

Start those services or product you know is relevant to your blog’s niche and which your audience will find useful.

Next you visit online merchant website, make an agreement by signing up with their affiliate programs.

After joining their affiliate programs, you have the authority to promote their service or product and you will get paid.

When customers buy products from your referral links you earn a commission. When your commission reaches a specified threshold, merchants issue your commissions as a payment between 45 days to 60 days.