Are you searching for online courses to learn affiliate marketing and make money online? Are you one of them who is searching on the internet for online money-making opportunities and found the BizGurukul Affiliate Marketing Program? Do you want to earn money online with BizGurukul Affiliate Marketing Program? Do you want to start an Affiliate Marketing career with BizGurukul? Are you searching BizGurukul Affiliate Marketing Review on the internet As an Affiliate of BizGurukul, I am writing a BizGurukul Affiliate Marketing Review that will help you to understand the actual business plan of the company?

What is BizGurukul?

BizGurukul is an e-learning platform that provides Skill Development Courses related to Entrepreneurship, Career & Business Development and also provides training to earn money online with the help of social media.

BizGurukul is an Indian company and is registered under the Companies Act, 2013 with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Registrar of Companies, New Delhi.

Their e-Learning courses and Training support system teach an individual to work on personal Branding, build a strong image, and star on social media.

They run an affiliate program to promote their online courses through which you can earn amazing sources of income by joining them.

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BizGurukul Course Price And Affiliate Commissions

BizGurukul provides 3 types of Skill Development Courses related to Entrepreneurship, Career & Business Development for lifetime access. and also provide an opportunity to earn an affiliate commission on these courses.

BizGurukul Affiliate marketing review
BizGurukul Course Price

1. Gold

Gold Package

Price: Rs. 3499/- only (including G.S.T.)

Bizgurukul gold package includes:-

  • Advance Personality Development
  • Video Superstar
  • Facebook Messenger Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Mastermid
  • Instagram Masterminds
  • Spoken English Mastery

2. Sapphire

Sapphire Package

Price:-  Rs. 5999/- only (including G.S.T.)

Bizgurukul sapphire package Includes:-

  • Advance Instagram Mastermind
  • Facebook Ads Mastermind
  • Gold Courses

3. Platinum Course

Platinum Course Package

Price:- Rs. 9999/- only (including G.S.T.)

Bizgurukul platinum package Includes:-

  • Master Public Speaker
  • Gold Course + Sapphire Course
Affiliate Commissions 

1. If You purchase Gold Course you will Get Commission on Every sale like this.
Gold: 2000
Sapphire : 2000
Platinum: 2000

2. If You purchase Sapphire Course you will Get Commission on Every sale like this
Gold: 2000
Sapphire : 4000
Platinum: 4000

3. If You purchase Platinum Course you will get Commission on Every sale like this
Gold: 2000
Sapphire : 4000
Platinum: 7000

How To Earn Money Online With BizGurukul?

BizGurukul becomes more popular with its Affiliate Programs. In the time of pandemic where many of us lost their job, BizGurukul’s Affiliate Program gives the opportunity to become financially free to earn online money by working 2-3 hours at home.

BizGurukul’s business is based on the learning and earns model. Its main focus is providing e-Learning courses to its customers as a part of learning. BizGurukul also provides them an opportunity to become an affiliate partner with BizGurukul and earn money online from the promotion of courses available on its platform.

so if you want to earn a commission by sitting at home you have to enroll in any of their online courses and become an affiliate partner by joining BizGurukul Affiliate Program.

Steps To become an Affiliate of BizGurukul.

  1. Go to Registration Link.
  2. Fill in your Personal Information.
BizGurukul Registration Form

3. Choose Any One Product

4. Make Payment of chosen Course

After successful payment of the Course, you are now able to log in to your BizGurukul Dashboard.

after successful login Go to the Affiliate/Commission link in the navigation area.

Click on the Affiliate link and get your Affiliate link of courses where you can start promoting. when you get sales from affiliate links you are now able to get a commission on every sale.

BizGurukul Affiliate Link

Why BizGurukul?

BizGurukul is trending now for its learn and earn business model. BizGurukul deals in a digital product that gives you lifetime access to use them on a one-time investment. The investment you put in Bizgurukul is a good investment because the learning which you get from this Platform is unbelievable.  You can master all the skills from a single platform and the best thing is that BizGurukul offers us 60% to 70% commission when you get an Affiliate sale.  BizGurukul offers commission rates better than all other affiliates in the market.

BizGurukul is a registered E-learning platform and a platform to use for your earnings part-time or full-time. BizGurukul is a registered company. You can go to the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. Here I’m attaching a screenshot of the BizGurukul government certificate in which you can see that. It is totally legal system.

Is BizGurukul MLM/Network Marketing/Chain System/Pyramid Schemes?

No, Bizgurukul is not an MLM company. BizGurukul is totally different from MLM/Network Marketing/Chain System/Pyramid Schemes.

  • Like in single-level Marketing you get commission only for the sales made directly by you through your personal link & efforts.
  • You don’t get paid for the sale made by any affiliate who registered with BizGurukul through your link.
  • Bizgurukul doesn’t ask members to create downlines or maintain legs, lines, etc. to generate sales

My Personal BizGurukul Affiliate Marketing Review.

As per my opinion, if you have an interest to build your digital empire on the internet, earn money from the internet while learning new skills with great mentors I strongly recommend you to enroll in BizGuruku courses. They train their affiliates weekly and help them in becoming a better version of themselves and also provide training video playlists and PDFs.

My BizGurukul Payment Proof

Money gives me the motivation to accept new challenges and so something new. This is my latest Bizgurukul payment proof.